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Whether you’re a digital marketing or advertising agency, increasing the profitability of your agency and the brands that you manage should be a top priority item for your firm. By focusing on this, you’ll not only find yourself running a more stable firm but you’ll also improve your client relations and agency brand.

It’s a competitive market for agencies, and that means that every hour and every new opportunity has to count. As South Africa’s pioneer in Wi-Fi Marketing, we believe that talents are capable of great things when they join forces by contributing to their mutual success.

Here’s how Wi-Fire can help generate more income for your agency:

1. Create a New Revenue Stream

Add Wi-Fi Marketing to your list of services. By joining our Partner Network, you’ll not only be able to leverage the full power of mobile marketing but also be able to build an additional revenue resource for your firm. We offer new market opportunities, generous commissions, and all the support you need. Begin earning recurring revenue for your agency as a value-added Reseller of our fully customisable Wi-Fi Advertising & Analytics Platform to help maximise ROI for your clients.

2. Leverage the Power of Data to Grow Brands

 For every marketer — from media planner to creative director to strategists — understanding data can lead to more well-informed strategies and results. As our partner, offering our Wi-Fi based Analytics Dashboard  to your clients, will help you better understand their target audience and gain massive insights into customers’ buying and browsing behaviour to optimise your overall online marketing activities. By building creative concepts based on audience-based insights, your agency will have a stronger understanding of its target audiences and be able to roll out creative advertising campaigns that have a greater impact and resonate with the viewer.

3. Increase Ad Sales with Wi-Fire

All marketers know, reaching the right audience is crucial. Wi-Fire’s extensive Network includes over 3 million users across 1300 hot spots and 90% of the larger malls in SA. As our partner, you will be able to sell advertising placements on our network to new and existing clients. Manage their Wi-Fi ads from creative through to ad delivery. Wi-Fire integrates South Africa’s largest citizen database which allows for rich consumer data augmentation and analytics.

Why are Wi-Fire’s Ads so successful?

  • People- and location-based advertising
  • Larger reach of LSM Groups (especially lower LSM)
  • 3+ million consumers on the Wi-Fire Network. See infographic here.
  • Precise Radius Targeting
  • 100% Direct Delivery Rate
  • Highest Conversion Rates in SA
  • Cross-referenced against 55+ million citizen records

4. Upselling Your Current Clients

Upsell your Wi-Fi Marketing services such as Wi-Fi Marketing Strategy and Wi-Fi Ad Management to new and existing clients. Similar to platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager or Google Adwords, many brands prefer their agencies to do the thinking and handle the full setup and management of these technologies for them. This is a great way to increase your monthly retainer while helping your client to implement Wi-Fire’s Advertising & Analytics tool efficiently.

Don’t you think we’re better together? Contact us today to learn more on how we could work together.


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