In Wi-fi Advertising

The days of Wi-Fi being an optional service by your business are gone. Today, customers expect it to be free, secure and easy to access – offering them a fully personalised user experience from start to finish. The Wi-Fi revolution is fast underway and many businesses have wondered how their complimentary Wi-Fi Network can add value to their customers and serve as a sales channel at the same time. Thanks to Wi-Fire’s Marketing Solution, industry leaders such as Hooters, Virgin Active, Prime Property as well as some of the nation’s biggest malls like Sandton City have been able to monetise their pre-existing Wi-Fi network and create opportunities for them and their consumers.

Here are Wi-Fire’s most powerful tools that your business shouldn’t miss, taking your sales strategy to the next level:

1. Customised Splash Page

Refining your Wi-Fi Splash Page allows you to talk directly to your customers that have chosen to use your business’ network. So why not take advantage of this? You can use it to enhance your brand awareness and improve customer loyalty, as well as so much more.
And even though you’re supplying free Wi-Fi, this doesn’t mean that you have to allow open logins.

By requesting your customers’ contact information to log in, you’re able to:
– Capture leads
– Sell products
– Invite customers to events
– Announcements or offer discounts

2. Customer Discounts

All customers love free Wi-Fi, unfortunately, your competitors most probably also offer it too. Wi-Fire will help your business to take this a step further and instantly send your customers a push notification when they connect. For instance, you could offer them a 10% discount if they purchase something in the next hour to create urgency and push sales.

It’s a win-win for both you and your customer. Reward them with a voucher code when using your Wi-Fi network and in return, you make additional sales!

You can successfully monetise your Wi-Fi network by also allowing advertising on your network through push notifications. This can be achieved by offering advertising packages to other businesses, who compliment your product/service offerings.

3. Direct Ordering

With the use of a pop-up while customer’s use your Wi-Fi network, you can include a direct link to order to learn more about your products and services online or log into your portal page. This further encourages purchases and makes it easier for the consumer to be linked directly to the information they could be looking for.

4. Adverts

Before your customer’s login or use your Wi-Fi network portal, you can require them to view ads in the form of banners, static ads or pop-ups. This can be used to encourage brand awareness and brand knowledge. Additionally, you are able to generate income through this, by charging a per view fee for any 3rd parties that are wanting to use your network to advertise.

5. Surveys

This is an effortless and cost-effective way to learn about your customers. Rather than asking for login details, create a short but precise survey in exchange for providing them with free Wi-Fi access. The information and insights gathered through these surveys are the perfect tool to create brand loyalty with your existing customers as well as to gain new customers!

Let Wi-Fire help you get the maximum benefit from your Wi-Fi network and explore many more ways of how you could monetise it!
Contact us today for a free trial and see for yourself the endless possibilities that could add profit to your business.