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Why should brands advertise on wi-fi

Accessible and always on

Take into account Facebook and Google’s success. They’ve already proven themselves as easily accessible and highly profitable digital advertising platforms. But how? For starters, they’ve become staples in the lives of modern day consumers. Most people seldom get through each day without using one or both! With much of our information being taken from platforms like these, the average person spends several hours consuming media each day. This offers brands and businesses the chance to drive awareness and engagement.
How does this help brands?

With new age digital platforms being able to serve advertising content to people based on their profiles, they’re hitting the mark with their audiences. Through regular interaction, these platforms gather and store data, which is then used to help target brand messages to the most fitting audiences. This creates hyper-targeted message delivery that keeps brands front of mind, at all times.

Brands and platforms go hand-in-hand

Businesses and digital platforms have formed a mutually beneficial relationship which has created an entirely new economy. With brands buying into digital platforms through advertising, these digital giants are only becoming more powerful as advertising mediums. With online advertising starting to surpass its traditional counterpart, brands are choosing to put ad spend into these platforms because they get access to a market that they can easily measure and track ROIs.

It’s a measurable footprint

Every click and impression online creates a story for brands to follow and learn from. Through customers engaging with a brand via social media, each business can get closer to their target market for considerably less money than they might have spent to reach them before. They can also see exactly what they got for their ad spend, something that’s significantly harder to do with traditional forms of media.

What is Wi-Fi’s part in this?

Wi-Fi affords connectivity to the platforms that facilitate these meaningful brand and consumer engagements. Without it, it’s simply too costly for the public to venture online. This would mean less data captured and less targeted messaging. Those with Wi-Fi at home are considered to be enjoying a luxury as many South Africans simply can’t afford surging data tariffs. Coupled with the fact that unemployment is rife, the gap between upper/middle class and the poor is widening. A lack of access to data is, in fact, making matters worse. Poor or no connectivity is a fact of life for those that find themselves living below the poverty line. This makes education and even basic communication facilitated by data connectivity even tougher. At Blake, we think it’s high time we give the people what they want: free, uncapped and open access Wi-Fi! With this in mind, we’ve made it our mission to make data accessible to all.

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