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Communicating and engaging with your Wi-Fi users and customers has never been more meaningful. Powerful customer relationships don’t just happen overnight. With Wi-Fire, you are able to find out how your customers feel about your product or the service in your store as well as where and when they are shopping. Connect with them in real-time and know when to reward them to nurture your relationship and increase brand loyalty over time. We can help you create better customer experiences while gaining deep insights into your target market. What you need is the right Wi-Fi Marketing & Analytics Solution to make those connections grow and work for you. It’s not as hard as you think. Here are five essential Wi-Fire tactics:

  1. Create Happy Customers

Thank new and returning customers for their purchase with Wi-Fire by creating a personalised message which can have a lasting and meaningful impact. Make your customers feel valued, rather than numbered. Our Wi-Fi Marketing platform will help you offer customer experiences that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

  1. Let Them Speak

Give your customers the chance to share their opinion and gain honest, accurate feedback while saving research costs and time. Sounds great, right? With Wi-Fire, you are able to target customers who have just used your product, service or eaten at your restaurant to gauge market sentiment. View the results in real-time so you are able to react quickly or export data for further analysis and optimise your overall marketing strategy.

  1. Know Your Customers Needs

Deliver ads to your potential customers when they are actually looking for it. Wi-Fire uses customers’ browsing history for better targeting, ensuring that the right message is being shown at the right time. When your potential customer walks in the vicinity of your store or restaurant your ad will appear throughout the Wi-Fi network inviting them into your store.

  1. Increase Engagement, Increase Sales

Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more and demonstrate more loyalty.

Use Wi-Fire’s banner ads or full-based ads to your advantage and trigger sales with a coupon for your store, i.e, “Purchase a hot drink at our coffeeshop in the next hour and receive 10% off your order”.

  1. Decode Your Customers

Do you really know your customers? Wi-Fire’s customer analytics tool turns data profiles into people. Metrics such as age, LSM, gender, marital status, interests and locations tell an ongoing story of who your shoppers are and how specific demographics behave in your store, between stores, and away from your store.

Build your network–it’s your sales lifeline. Wi-Fire is a profitable way of promoting your business and locating people who believe in your products or services. We’re all about location and relationships.

So, let’s find customers, nurture them, and watch your sales soar. Request your FREE demo today!

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