Frequently asked questions

What is Wi-Fire?

Wi-Fire provides Software as a Service that does much more than just drive feet to your business; our solutions deliver measurable ROI in sales, consumer engagement and customer profiling. Furthermore, Wi-Fire gives you control over your Wi-Fi offering to your consumers.

What is the Wi-Fire Dashboard?

The Wi-Fire Dashboard is a web based portal to manage your Wi-Fi hotspots. Use Wi-Fire services to:

  • Control your Wi-Fi services
  • Analyse your user profiles and service performance
  • Engage directly with your users on their mobile devices
  • Convert users to customers
Does Wi-Fire provide a free trial service?

No, Wi-Fire does not provide a free trial service; however, we do provide pilots to demonstrate the value of Wi-Fire to your business on a limited term and footprint basis.

Does Wi-Fire provide a pilot service?

Yes; Wi-Fire does provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the value of Wi-Fire to your business on a limited term and footprint basis. Typically, pilots will run for 3-6 months over a selected number of business locations. KPIs will be agreed with you and the Wi-Fire team will effectively deliver these outcomes.

Why does Wi-Fire offer a pilot service?

Wi-Fire is dedicated to proving the value to your business before rolling out a network to all of your business locations. Rolling out a Wi-Fi network can be costly and the Wi-Fire pilot aims to ensure that a return on investment is proven to you and your business. Wi-Fire pilots afford you the following benefits:

  • Low cost deployment
  • Low operational impact
  • Strict KPI measurement
  • Zero obligation to continue with product and service when the trial period is over
If I have an existing Wi-Fi network can I purchase Wi-Fire services, like the analytics and dashboard?

Yes; however, only if your hardware is compatible. Please contact us for further information.

Can Wi-Fire hardware provide more than one SSID for different business purposes?

If required, Wi-Fire can provide your business with multiple SSID’s for different purposes. The network can be provisioned to allow public and private users with different access options. This allows you to use the network for business applications and Wi-Fi provisioning.

Are Wi-Fire networks secure?

Wi-Fire takes security very seriously and has taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of your network and your consumer’s experience. All in-store hardware is installed with firewalls and all network traffic passes through another firewall before internet breakout. Our state of the art technology is also able to detect rogue Access Points and will block them, ensuring your consumers protection from malicious entities. Furthermore, all traffic is passed through a secure connection before internet breakout and data is stored on non-public servers.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Wi-Fire?

Yes; our Wi-Fire solution requires a working, active Internet connection.

What does the Wi-Fire in-store hardware provide businesses with?

Wi-Fire hardware creates Wi-Fi hotspots in your business location that allows consumers to connect to the internet and data service. Our hardware provides you with total location coverage ensuring that your entire store floor and some of your surroundings are provided for.  Dead spots are not a concern as our flexible AP placement is tailored to provide total coverage. Furthermore, our hardware is guaranteed and should an issue arise, will be repaired or swopped out on the same day.

Do you supply me with a wireless router?

No; Wi-Fire is a software provider, and therefore we do not supply hardware directly. If you would like to be redirected to your nearest Wi-Fi providers to discuss connectivity and hardware options, then please contact

Who manufactures Wi-Fire’s Wi-Fi hardware?

Wi-Fire only uses hardware manufactured by experienced and reputable partners.

Do I need technical assistance to set this up?

No; we will deploy the services via the dashboard.

Can Wi-Fire exist on a separate network from my existing business location network?

Yes; we encourage you to keep your Wi-Fi network separate from your business location’s network. The reasons are as follows:

  • Zero security risk to business network and databases
  • Zero bandwidth risks to business processes
  • Zero operational impact on business systems
I am unable to log in to my Wi-Fire dashboard as I have not received log-in details.

If you have not received your user name, password or license key for your Wi-Fire Dashboard, or are having problems logging in, then please email

Where will I find a copy of my contract T&Cs?

These can be found on your Wi-Fire Dashboard.

What sort of coverage does Wi-Fire provide at business locations?

Wi-Fire provides national coverage using a variety of connectivity options from satellite to ADSL etc.

Is there a limit on the number of custom banner adverts I can create for my landing page?

No; however, it is only possible to display 2 at a time.

Can Wi-Fire architect a specific Wi-Fi solution for my businesses requirements?

Yes; Wi-Fire prides itself on being able to deliver effective Wi-Fi solutions to its clients, regardless of the industry. However, we do require specific technical requirements that will need to be discussed with our systems architect.

Is there a limit on the number of surveys I can create for my landing page?

Yes; depending on the package you select. Please view our Packages  or Contact us for more information.

What sorts of industry based deployments does Wi-Fire specialise in?

Wi-Fire has developed services that cater to almost every industry requirement and has been deployed into the following industries:

  • Furniture Retail
  • CEG Retail
  • General retail
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Bars/ Taverns/ Pubs
  • Medium and small scale events
Will I be able to see how many users have viewed and clicked on the marketing content?

Yes; it is possible to see how many users have viewed and clicked on your marketing content. Also, you are able to view how many of your users click on this content by day of week, how many of your users click on this content by gender, by age group etc.

How do you provide content filtering?

Wi-Fire makes use of an enterprise grade firewall content filtering solution allowing the use of categories defined to be easily manageable and patterned to industry standards.

All sites inherit the default out of the box filtering; however, if specific filtering needs are required, these can be tailored accordingly.

When a website contains elements of the filtered categories, the web pages on the site are separately categorised.

Does Wi-Fire provide the hardware?

No; Wi-Fire partners with different ISPs that will provide and deploy the necessary hardware on site.

Is it possible to have my social media links displayed on the landing page?

Yes; the links to all your social media accounts can be displayed on the landing page.

Can Wi-Fire integrate with other software and hardware based services?

Yes; Wi-Fire has been developed to provide your business with an in-store ecosystem that can integrate with other technologies. The purpose of such integrations is to:

  • Optimize your customers in-store experience by providing them with facilities to manage their accounts, make PTPs and payment
  • Expand on your current mobile APP offering to include localised content displays and service provision whenever your consumers are in store
  • Directly market in-store specials and promotions to your consumers by means of push notifications
Can end customers ‘opt out’ of receiving promotional material?

Yes; end users can opt out of marketing as is required by law.

How much does Wi-Fire cost?

Please review our Packages for a more extensive list of the options, and Contact us to find out prices.

What are the contract options?

The minimum contract length is 12 months. After your 12 month contract period expires, the contract then becomes a month to month rolling contract with 30 days’ notice period.

If I’m on the Elite package, can I downgrade this to the Lite package?

Elite customers can downgrade from within the settings area of the Wi-Fire Dashboard, but only after the initial contract term is completed.

If I am on the Lite package, can I upgrade to any of the other packages?

Users can upgrade from within the the settings area of the Wi-Fire Dashboard.

I have a query about my payments or invoice, who should I contact?

Please contact

I would like to change my bank details.

Please contact