Make every event a meaningful brand engagement. Free event Wi-Fi provides greater publicity and enriches the entire experience. Enhance the value of your event while giving guests the means to connect, communicate and share their experience on social media. Whatever the event, it’s time to get your name out there with coverage that sets you apart.


If you’re hosting an outdoor event, like a music festival or sport event, your guests can share their experience, in real-time, with family and friends. Let them check-in on Facebook, post photos to Instagram, tweet “#yourbrandrocks”, and generate an even bigger buzz around your event.

Well planned event communications means a successful event. When hosting a conference or trade show, your production team can stay in touch and your attendees can check their emails, social media, and even your event website for additional details, such as timeslots of speakers, as your event unfolds.


Optimise your event registration process and create a seamless experience for your guests though online check-ins. Make this possible with free event Wi-Fi, and gauge your attendees’ immediate impression of your event through surveys completed in real-time from your splash page. That way, you can keep your event crew up to date with what your guests need.


If you know what your attendees are looking for, you can give it to them. Get the insights and analytics of your event as it unfolds, for an accurate picture of your target audience, based on demographics, such as age and gender, and online behaviour at your venue. Use these pieces of data to tailor your next event and its programme to better suit your market, making for greater event successes in the future.


Need to generate revenue through sponsorship branding? With Wi-fire, you can create an additional revenue stream through splash page and in-browser advertising. Seize the chance to drive your own product sales on the ground with an eye-catching splash page, or create your own opt-in marketing database through free event wi-fi registration. Stay in contact with your attendees through SMS and email marketing communication.

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