It’s no secret that your customers are mobile and want to stay connected. Today’s shoppers are educated and reading reviews and comparing prices online. Free Wi-Fi allows them to access the information they need to make purchasing decisions. Wi-Fire allows you to understand exactly who your customers are so that you can engage with them and optimize conversions.


Free Wi-Fi draws customers in and gives you a portal for exclusive real-time content, promotions and rewards. Give your customers a reason to return more often when they use your Wi-Fi to unlock exclusive store-specific benefits.


Create your own opt-in lead databases with customer segments that enable targeted engagement through Wi-Fi, SMS and email. Increase your newsletter subscriptions by providing users with a simple opt-in at registration, so that you never miss a sign-up.

Drive uptake of your brand app or direct traffic to your website and social media communities through homepage link advertising. Your customers can also download your current catalogues for future reference when they’re away from your store, keeping your brand front of mind.

Up to 70% of consumers in-store have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket.

– Retail Touch Points


The Wi-Fire analytics tool offers detailed insights on your customers, their in-store behaviour and product interests. Watch their profiles change over time and adapt your stock, specials and engagement to remain relevant and meet their needs.

Wi-Fire is an essential component that helps chain stores collect and manage their data. Using API, Wi-Fire can link up with in-store customer Wi-Fi data, your CRM, loyalty and email systems. This creates a real and singular customer view, harnessing the combined power of in-store analytics and online campaigns.

Bridge the gap between online shopping and physical stores by gathering insights about your customers shopping behaviors in real-time. Understand how your they price check when in-store and identify the competitor websites that they are visiting. Use these insights to tailor marketing campaigns at head office, region or store-level.


Target your marketing communications to specific customer profiles, based on demographics, psychographics and in-store behaviour, so that your call-to-action is meaningful and adds value. By providing the right information to the right person at the right time, you can expect higher conversions than any other digital standards.

Offer your customers Financial Services through Wi-Fi notifications that lead to online credit applications. Reduce your administration costs, while making it easier for your customers to purchase the things they really want.


Generate additional monthly revenue from 3rd party splash page and in-browser advertising. Or, give your products or brands the space to engage with customers, while in your store.

50% of consumers feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available.

– Accenture

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