What is Wi-Fire?

Wi-Fire is a Wi-Fi network that provides a complete Wi-Fi solution to all of your technological, design, management and reporting requirements.

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Direct: D2C – direct to consumer

DOES your current Wi-Fi:

  • Allow you to push advertising or marketing campaigns?
  • Tell you who your consumers are?
  • Identify your loyal consumers?

We will partner with your existing ISP to provide you with Wi-Fire. Simple splash page login with only mobile number and date of birth required. Registration in under 10 seconds.

Indirect: D2S – Direct to Sponsor

HAVE you considered sponsoring Wi-Fi?:

  • Don’t just give away free Wi-Fi and get nothing in return. Use Wi-Fire and take your product to your target consumer/customer (taverns, taxi ranks, etc.).
  • Build a database of people you have not yet been able to reach.
  • Send adverts for your latest campaign to people whilst they browse the net. Wi-Fire can tell you who clicked on the advert and how long they looked at it.
  • We will partner with your existing ISP to provide you with Wi-Fire. Simple splash page login with only mobile number and date of birth required. Registration in under 10 seconds.

MARKETING spend needs to guarantee a return

  • Are you able to measure your Marketing spend? The best way to save money in your ad buy is to know exactly what you are saying, and to whom.
  • Are you leading or following the pack? First mover advantage (it might not be important yet!).

Our Wi-Fire Solution

Mobile marketing isn’t an option. It’s an imperative

  • By using Wi-Fire you directly engage with consumers on their mobile devices whilst on-site.
  • By using Wi-Fire you directly push specials and promotions to customers’ mobile devices.
  • Wi-Fire guarantees 100% impression rate and on average 20% CTR (Click Through Rate).

Meet the showrooming challenge head-on

  • Identify exactly which price checking and competitor websites your consumers are looking at; by using Age, LSM, Gender and browsing trend analysis, we can push relevant deals and/or vouchers direct to mobile.

Addressing your fears

  • Our data capturing, storage and processing is all CPA and POPI compliant.
  • Wi-Fire is an opt-in service that users can opt out of any time.

We value your customers’ privacy

Understanding your customer has never been easier

  • Wi-Fire can be used to identify and understand exactly what your customers’ profile is.
  • Use Wi-Fire to Increase new consumer activations by average 15% per week with up to 99.99% customer identification (without even asking them!).
  • Real time market research. Up to 100% marketing survey completion.

Quantify return of investment

  • Wi-Fi on its own does not deliver return on investment; Wi-Fire delivers ROI that have deployed Wi-Fi networks.
  • Secured 37% conversion on offers pushed to consumer mobile devices to applications received. Converted 14% of applications to sales.
  • Increased sales revenue through credit deals by R1,5M over 3 months (conducted with a sample of 1% of the total user population).
  • Returned 20% of customers marketed to within a week of the marketing campaign to purchase again.

Choose Wi-Fire and make your Wi-Fi pay for itself

For more information about Wi-Fire, request a call back from our sales team

Additional value added services

We have developed specific Wi-Fi based applications that address

challenges and opportunities faced by different businesses.

User Access Control

Tier access restrictions to your Wi-Fi hotspot facilitate customer conversion and expand customer benefits

Customer Connect

Identify customer profiles and display notifications to the splash page on their mobile phone

Lead generator

Weekly or monthly batch leads for marketing and sales purposes

Mobile App Integration

Features of the Wi-Fi service can be integrated into apps for an enhanced customer experience, such as, hotspot locator, customer polls, store navigation, voucher redemption, content download etc