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Regardless of your industry, understanding your customer while actively promoting and generating an ROI should be a top priority for your business. The Wi-Fire Dashboard provides the marketing tools to achieve this. Get full access to real-time in-depth data and insights to gain a better understanding of your customers and reveal a world of targeted marketing opportunities.

On this note, allow us to introduce our Wi-Fire Dashboard the six key feature tabs and it’s layout and metrics that will help you optimise your marketing campaigns to successfully increase customer loyalty

1.The Home Tab

The Dashboard’s Home Tab allows you to obtain a Gateway Report as well as a User Match, and cross-reference your users against our 55 million record citizen database.

Audience Analytics

See an overview and have complete access to all your Audience Analytics data at your fingertips to make optimal marketing decisions.

Engagement Analytics

Engaging with your customers is vital. With our Engagement Analytics tool, you are able to review all the engagement stats from your campaigns as well as your monthly marketing KPI’s for adverts on your landing page and in browsing.

2. The Control Tab

From the look and feel of your splash page to the information required from customers, you are in full control.

Look and Feel

Configure the look and feel of your landing page and registration page to match your brand identity. Have the ability to add a header or footer logo as well as a background image. This ensures that your landing page is visually attractive and professional thereby creating instant brand recognition and trust for your network.

style settings

Landing Page

Customise the landing page for your customers. Select whether you want extras such as a welcome message, a google search tab, surveys, social page links or include advertising on your page.


Connection and Reconnection

Your connection and reconnection settings allow you to select what information/fields a user is required to enter when registering and when accessing your hotspot.
Fields such as:
Name & surname
Email address
Mobile number
Required one-time pin
ID number
Postal code

By requesting this information, a unique field is required from the user which will help you build a powerful opted in database.

Mobile landing page

System Settings

Determine whether your users are limited by data, time or grant them unlimited data access. Gain control over your hotspot and your budget to ensure that you don’t overspend.

3. The Analyze Tab

This section pulls data through to your Dashboard for easy access to data results and statistics for you to analyse and make detailed and reliable marketing decisions.


Have an overview of your total Wi-Fi traffic during the past 6 months such as:

Number of visits during the past week
Total devices
Total users (that have used your free Wi-Fi)
Total visits (number of times users have returned)

Dashboard Overview

Profiling and Habitation

Improve your advertising results by gaining in-depth statistics of your users. Profiling and Habitation offers better insight into your direct target market.
Get information such as:


Audience analytics

Wi-Fi Traffic (to your website)

Get a detailed breakdown of the Wi-Fi Traffic to your website. Arrange your users data by demographics and/or connection time to get an easy overview of the Audience Traffic.

4. The Interests tab

Determine which channels of communication are most popular (Social Media vs Online Browsing) in order to determine which platform is most beneficial for your campaigns. Additionally, this allows you to understand what your users are browsing so that you can better hyper target your ads. It’s an excellent opportunity to approach third party advertisers to advertise on your platform and a great new revenue stream. You have the ability to export the report to use it in other areas of your business.

5. The Engaged Tab

Customise, set up and manage the advertising content on your network, marketing content and surveys. Create, control and set the time frame when you want your campaigns to run. Set your target market to ensure that your campaign is directed at the correct audience.

6. The Convert Tab

Lead Generator

Allows you to create and find smart lists which will filter through your users to find the profiles that matter most to you. Market to your users on other platforms such as Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Set criteria and extract all the data of the users that have accessed your network based on the criteria you have set.

Hot Lead

Track how many successful leads you received from your Wi-Fi ads. A hot lead request shows that the user is interested in your products/services. As a user clicks on your banner ad, an email will be sent directly to your sales team for them to follow up.

The Wi-Fi Dashboard is a sophisticated metric and behavioural segmentation platform which gives you demographic and psychographic aggregated data to monitor consumers and increase customer engagement effectively.

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