In Free Wi-Fi

Apart from creating meaningful connections with your customers there are numerous other reasons why you should consider WiFi for your business. Some of those include; encouraging foot traffic and increasing brand or destination awareness.

Tourism WiFi

There is a growing influence of free WiFi in the tourism industry. For many users, free WiFi access is becoming an increasingly important part of their visitor experience.

Wi-Fire recently implemented WiFi on one of the most iconic landmarks in South Africa, Table Mountain, and gave customers the ability to share their amazing experience with family, friends and the world.

Table Mountain has given their customers the ability to connect with friends and family during their experience but has also connected with their customers through WiFi Marketing.

Engaging with customers is great but creating customer generated advertising is even better. Let your customers advertise for you from their first hand experience. Table Mountain is engaging with customers as well as encouraging customer generated advertising from their experience.

While connected to the free WiFi:

  • Share your summit experience on our TripAdvisor page
  • Post a photo or two on Instagram – tag @tablemountainca and use the hashtag #tablemountainca
  • Tweet @TableMountainCa, your family and friends
  • Check-in on Facebook

Benefits of WiFi

A wireless solution will assist you to generate a WiFi ROI through targeted social media campaigns.

  1. Facebook Sign In: Turn Your Business into a Wifi Hotspot
    Customers simply check into your location through Facebook to access your free WiFi. This allows Facebook friends to discover your business and/or landmark through their news feed. Customers are encouraged to ‘like’ your Facebook page.

  1. Encourage Social Media Referrals
    In order to increase word of mouth, you are able to create a simple way for customers to provide referrals through Facebook or Tripadvisor. Increasing brand awareness is made easy as customers are able to share pictures and experiences with friends via social media promoting your company and/or landmark.

  1. Push Out Information Effectively to Visitors
    At this stage, customers have logged into your free WiFi and given you the ability to keep them up to date through your WiFi landing page. Use this platform to publicise upcoming events and offers.

Promote your business and get the right customers’ attention! Contact us today to for more information.

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