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If customer is king, then data is queen. At the heart of everything, it’s important to keep shoppers satisfied while simultaneously achieving your own business objectives through a holistic view of your customers’ journey. But how can today’s physical stores cut through the growing competition at a time when new online shops are popping up every week and new products are going viral each day?

Well, one strategy is using the Power of Wi-Fi. Just because your storefront doesn’t live in the digital world, doesn’t mean you can’t leverage analytics technology. Data-driven marketing, such as Wi-Fire’s dashboard, offers retail stores the opportunity to add more context to their targeting by simply using their Wi-Fi Network. A study by the Consumer Intelligence Group has shown that 90% of companies put extensive efforts into their work correlating data obtained from external Analytics solutions, to further enhance their customers understanding.

Here’s 6 Ways Wi-Fire’s powerful analytics tool can help you turn insights into actions, keeping shoppers engaged and coming back to your store.

  1. Decoding Demographics

Insight: Wi-Fire’s customer analytics tool turns data profiles into people. Metrics such as age, LSM, gender, marital status, interests and locations tell an ongoing story of who your shoppers are and how specific demographics behave in your store, between stores, and away from your store.

Action: Learn more about your customers; what they’re interested in and which competitors they visit most frequently. Use these insights to gain a deeper understanding of your customers so that you can optimise your engagement marketing strategy and make better decisions.

  1. Timing is Key

Insight: Have you wondered how long shoppers spend at your store? Similar to any Ecommerce platform, Wi-Fire enables you to truly understand your venue, with real time footfall, passers by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency. With Wi-Fire it’s no longer a guessing game, the Analytics Tool will give you a precise, real-time overview of when shoppers arrive and leave your store.

Action: Use this data to determine when you should run limited-time promotions, which days you might need more staff support, and whether your opening hours are working for shoppers.

  1. Market Segmentation & Targeting

Insight: Detect whether a customer is a first-time visitor or a repeat customer as well as if a purchase was made or not. With Wi-Fire this is as easy as 1-2-3. You can even get real-time and historical reports on specific or global trends, at region and store levels.

Action: With this valuable data obtained, you can now organise your types of consumers into segments so you can send them tailored marketing materials. Let our analytics tool manage your customers follow-up process while you focus on providing an exceptional in-store experience. For example, create customised email marketing campaigns for each target group based on their shopper group and browsing and purchasing behaviour.

  1. Monitor Campaign Performance

Insight: Capture customer feedback in real-time through mobile surveys on your Wi-Fi splash page. Ask them anything and they will let you know what they think. Wi-Fire’s engagement analytics allows you to measure the performance of your campaigns for a true Wi-Fi ROI metric.

Action: Turn knowledge into power by evaluating surveys to achieve greater customer experiences. Listen enough and you will know what customers want, resulting in achieving better reviews and increasing brand loyalty.

  1. Understanding The Value of Shoppers

Insight: Who is your most profitable shopper? First step is to look at what your store’s average customer repeat rate actually is, as repeat customers are a key indicator for loyalty and easier to sell to. Additionally, repeat customers spend more on average than a first-time buyer.

Action: Put on your detective glasses and analyse your data in-depth. By focusing on repeat customers, you can spend less on advertising and conversion tactics and focus on building a better and more personalised customer experience. Reward loyal customers by sending them a discount voucher or inviting them to your upcoming event.

  1. Never Lose a Customer Again

Insight: Track your customers with Wi-Fire’s analytics tool to determine which customers haven’t visited your store for an unusually long period and whether customers are at-risk of not returning, in order for you to take action instantly.

Action: While traditional marketing will not let you monitor customers who stopped visiting or haven’t visited in a while, Wi-Fire is a surprisingly powerful tool to save borderline customers. Wi-Fire enables you to send them a coupon or a notification regarding new products and promotions to re-engage them and successfully retain a solid, long-lasting customer relationship.

Long story short, data is the bread and butter for all marketers and you can’t afford to take any risks. From data about peak shopping times, first-time customer data and the rate of repeat customers, Wi-Fire is the best Analytics Tool  for any retail store. It’s as easy as offering free Wi-Fi in exchange for data – giving you the chance of accessing another level of insights and marketing possibilities.


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